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What our customers say

- Arpana Rawat, Hiranandani Powai
"No sneezing bout in the morning for past two days. There's a bit of stuffiness in the nose but nothing like what we had everyday for 4 years!! He doesn't need to go an blow his nose after his sneezing bout as had to for all this time.
I am keeping my fingers crossed. So far, it seems to be working.
Thanks for such a wonderful service. I think a lot of people allergic to dust mites may sleep better if they have this."

- Mallika Bhimani, Cabin Crew 'British Airways', Nahar, Powai
"The Germ Busters demo was a surprise not just to me but also to the maids in the house. The amount of dust their systems pulled out was appalling. Due to my constant travel I had to reschedule the appointment a few times to suit my needs. The team was patient and adjusted to provide the service. They were very efficient in the work and ensured the mattresses and pillows were cleaned properly. The boys were very professional in their approach. Due to construction happening nearby there is always constant dust and other stuff which was affecting my son's health. Ever since the treatment he has been quite better and not much cold or heavy breathing issues noticed. This is a good process and anyone with or without issues should go for this. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for EVERYONE".

- Dr. Rebecca S. Thombre, M.Sc Microbiology (Gold Medalist) , Pune
"As a microbiologist, I was extremely paranoid about hygiene and cleanliness in the house. My myth about a clean house was busted when I saw a thick matt of dust sucked out of my carpets by Germ Busters.
My Carpets are now Clean, dust free and bacteria free. The UV light and steam treatment they use is sufficient to eradicate Escherichia Coli,Bacillus subtilis,Klebsiella Pneumonia, Staphlococcus Aureus and a couple of allergy causing Fungal Spores.

Thanks to Germ Busters for rendering my house "Bacteria Free".

- Bijoy Varghese, Team Leader, Terradata.
"Great stuff, good job guys keep it up".

- Shambhavi, Nahar
"My home was treated by the germ busters team and their service helped eradicate dust mites and bugs.
Now me and my family can sleep peacefully on allergy free mattresses."

- Rebecca Keogh, Powai
"Professional and warm service. I would definitely use them again.

- Sumon Reza, Mumbai
"We are impressed with both the technology and results with Germ Busters' Mattress sanitizing services and would recommend your service to anyone interested.."

- Jason McMahon, Goa
"Would definitely use thier services once again! Keep it up GB!"

- Shambhavi, Nahar
"My home was treated by the germ busters team and their service helped eradicate dust mites and bugs.
Now me and my family can sleep peacefully on allergy free mattresses."

- Susan Mathews, Hiranandani - Powai
"Everyone at home has severe allergy problems. Little did we know that we were allergic to our own furniture. Getting medication from a doctor didn't help even half as much as Germ Busters did. It feels great to live in a dust-free, germ-free home!"

- Semona Michael, Worli
"Fast, fantastic and fabulous! Hassle free cleaning, what more could I ask for, we tend to overlook stuff like mattresses which actually need the most cleaning!"

- Justin McMahon, Andheri East
"I had family visiting from abroad with a new born baby and, since I have pets(cats and dogs) at home my friend referred Germ Busters for their sanitization services to clean the beds and couches. They did an excellent job, much to my surprise even my dogs drool stains from the mattresses vanished!!! after that they even did treatment with this UV light that disinfected the mattresses, couches and pillows and my foreigner family had a warm stay at our place and their new born baby girl never even felt sick (which was a major concern). I dont usually write reviews but I was really satisfied with them and will recommend them to anybody... I never knew such a service existed and now that iv found them, Im going to continue to use their services again and again because it is completely whatthey says it is and more !"

- Shashikant Ramabudi, Dadar
"This has been one of the best things done in our house."

- Ripon Babu, Colaba
"Excellent service ! I am so glad I found these guys. I called to find out if they could sanitize my recently purchased mattress. They asked a few questions and informed me they could more than likely sanitize my mattress. They went over their charges that are very straight forward and reasonable given my investment in the new mattress we got. They scheduled me within 2 days and came right on time. They successfully sanitized our seven month old mattress. It’s feels like new again! We were so happy with the results we had them sanitize another mattress in the house. Outstanding service from beginning to end. I highly recommend the company to anyone needing to get a mattress professionally cleaned and sanitized. It was well worth the price. Talk to Jacob he will work out a deal for you Thanks Jacob"

- Vaibhav Sachdev, Navi Mumbai
"Value for money & Excellent service."

- Michael Rodrigues, Kandivali
"This concept is very new and I hope this catches on. Very Innovative. As far as the sanitization is concerned it helps you sleep a little more comfortably at night. Knowing that most germs and allergens are cleared out from my beds and sofas."