Germ Busters Sanitising Services

Germ Busters Enhance Hygiene And Improving Health At Home By A Non- Toxic Treatment!


We always want our homes and work places to be clean and hygienic. However, as a microbiologist I realized that there are few areas in the house which are not only difficult to clean but also next to impossible to render germ free. We can sanitize the floor and table tops with disinfectants but mattresses and carpets could only be vacuumed which practically don’t render them germ free. Bacteria, mites, bed bugs and a myriad of parasites build their housing colonies in these carpets and gift us itching, allergies as well as infections.

These dangerous bacteria are harmful not only to adults but children in particular due to their low immunity. Steam sterilization or treatment is the best method to destroy bacteria as they are killed at temperatures above 121°C. As a mother cum microbiologist, I got my entire home treated by the radical germ free treatment procedures of Germ Busters. Their multilevel treatment ensured that dust; mites and bacteria were thoroughly removed from the common reservoirs and literally busted the germs out of my house.

"We adopted some of the best practices of the top anti-allergen mattress sanitizing companies in the US and UK, their procedures are known to get rid of allergens like dust mites and itch mites from mattresses and sofas with a super efficiency level of 99%. The treatment procedure followed by our team involves vacuuming which is dry extraction of the allergens, dust mites, itch mites and its feces from mattresses and sofas. The second step is Ultra Violet - Sterilization (UV-C). This kills 99.5% of E. coli, Staphylococcus sp. and Candida sp. It effectively eliminates more than 93.5% of dust mites, 99.5 % of H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu) virus and Micro Allergy filtration gets rid of over 96.77% of remnants. The third step is Steam Vapor (SV), which involves steaming the furnishing at 135° C, ensuring maximum hygiene and sterilization. The process further eliminates all traces of micro-organisms, mites and fungal spores. Steam Vapor penetrates into upholstery and carpets terminating any left-over allergens. Steam Vapor is safe for people because it does not involve chemicals (fungicides) and leaves no residue.”"

Prabodh Hamilton, Director
Business Development

Germ Busters Process

  • Dry Extraction - Removes dust mites, germs, bacteria and other allergens from surfaces
  • Steam Vapourization - Steam de-odourizes the surfaces
  • Uv-Sterilization - Kills germs, bacteria, dust mites, itch mites and allergens up to 99%

Germ Busters Sanitising ServicesGerm Busters Pvt. Ltd. is a company specializing in chemical-free cleaning and hygiene solutions. They have been servicing various organizations, including hospitals and homes. Their team is actively working on making inroads in the hospitality industry across the country. Set up in April this year, the Mumbai-based company, which focuses on sanitizing mattresses, sofas, carpets, curtains, duvets, pillows and soft toys, has already established its presence in Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata and Bengaluru. Germ Busters provides dynamic cleaning solutions not only to hotels and corporate offices but can also is very effective in ensuring that hygiene at home is maintained and protected against infectious bacteria and allergens.

We are surrounded by dust and it is a recurrent phenomenon so it is important to control & ensure that measures are taken to make our personal spaces allergy free. The multilevel treatment ensures that harmful pathogenic bacteria, allergens and viruses are removed and thus the overall hygiene and in turn the health of the family members can be protected. We can now provide a safe, clean and healthy environment for our children and family members due to the non-toxic cleaning treatment offered by Germ Busters.

Like the old adage says Prevention is better than Cure!

Germ Busters Sanitising Services

Dr. Rebecca

Dept. of Biotechnology, Modern College, Pune

  1. Germ Busters Sanitising Services

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    1. Germ Busters Sanitising Services

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      1. Germ Busters Sanitising Services

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